Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales

A Complete Translation
into Modern English


Ronald L. Ecker


Eugene J. Crook



Fragment I (Group A)
General Prologue | The Knight's Tale | The Miller's Prologue | The Miller's Tale | The Reeve's Prologue | The Reeve's Tale | The Cook's Prologue | The Cook's Tale

Fragment II (Group B1)
The Lawyer's Introduction | The Lawyer's Prologue | The Lawyer's Tale | The Lawyer's Epilogue

Fragment III (Group D)
The Wife of Bath's Prologue | Words between the Summoner and the Friar | The Wife of Bath's Tale | The Friar's Prologue | The Friar's Tale | The Summoner's Prologue | The Summoner's Tale

Fragment IV (Group E)
The Student's Prologue | The Student's Tale | Chaucer's Envoy | The Merchant's Prologue | The Merchant's Tale | The Merchant's Epilogue

Fragment V (Group F)
The Squire's Introduction | The Squire's Tale | Words of the Franklin to the Squire, and of the Host to the Franklin | The Franklin's Prologue | The Franklin's Tale

Fragment VI (Group C)
The Physician's Tale | The Pardoner's Introduction | The Pardoner's Prologue | The Pardoner's Tale

Fragment VII (Group B2)
The Skipper's Tale | Merry Words of the Host to the Skipper and the Lady Prioress | The Prioress's Prologue | The Prioress's Tale | The Prologue of Sir Topaz | The Tale of Sir Topaz | The Prologue of the Tale of Melibee | The Tale of Melibee | The Monk's Prologue | The Monk's Tale | The Nun's Priest's Prologue | The Nun's Priest's Tale | The Nun's Priest's Epilogue

Fragment VIII (Group G)
The Second Nun's Prologue | The Second Nun's Tale | The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue | The Canon's Yeoman's Tale

Fragment IX (Group H)
The Manciple's Prologue | The Manciple's Tale

Fragment X (Group I)
The Parson's Prologue | The Parson's Tale | Chaucer's Retraction

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Copyright 1993 by Ronald L. Ecker

except for

The Tale of Melibee, The Parson's Tale,
and Chaucer's Retraction

which are

Copyright 1993 by Eugene J. Crook

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"It is difficult to imagine anyone doing a better job
than Ecker and Crook."--Choice (October 1994)