The Merchant's Tale


"Ay! by God's mercy," our Host then declared, "From such a wife I pray to God I'm spared! 2420 See all the subtle tricks abounding in These women! To deceive us simple men They're always busy as bees, and never fail To get around the truth. This Merchant's tale Has proved it well enough. I have a wife 2425 Who's true as any steel, although in life She has no plenty--not referring to That tongue of hers, for she's a blabbing shrew, And has a heap of faults, not only chatter. But we should let that go, it doesn't matter. 2430 And yet, do you know what? I shall confide, I sorely rue that to her I am tied. But if all of her vices I'd recite I'd be a fool for sure, for then it might Get back to her. Why, she could easily 2435 Be told by some here in this company. Which ones would tell her there's no need to say; Such wares all women know how to display. What wit I have would not suffice, moreover, To tell it all, and so my tale is over." 2440

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