Merry words of the Host to the Skipper
and to the Lady Prioress

"Well said, by corpus dominus!" said our Host. 435 "Now long may you sail up and down the coast, My good sir, gentle mariner and master! God give the monk a thousand years' disaster! Ha, ha! My friends, beware of such a jape! The monk put in the fellow's hood an ape, 440 And, by Saint Austin, in his wife's as well. "But now pass over, let us look about And see who shall be first of all the rout To tell another tale." Then he displayed 445 Such courtesy it would become a maid, As he said, "Lady Prioress, by your leave, Provided that I not cause you to grieve, I'd make the judgment that it's you who should Be next to tell a tale, if that you would. 450 Would you so grace us now, my lady dear?" "Gladly," said she, and spoke as you will hear.

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