The Nun's Priest's Tale


"Sir Nun's Priest," our Host said immediately, "Your balls and your behind now blessed be! Of Chanticleer that was a merry tale. I swear, were you a layman, without fail 3450 A real hen-treader you'd have been, all right. Had you the will as much as you've the might, The hens that you'd need in your flock, I hold, Would number seventeen some sevenfold. What muscles by this gentle priest possessed, 3455 So thick a neck, and see how large a breast! He's like a sparrowhawk, so sharp his eye, His color not in need of any dye From Portugal or such to make it redder. Good luck, sir, for your tale, among the better!" 3460 And after that, our Host with merry cheer Spoke to another pilgrim as you'll hear.

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